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To get a rad piece of art, not just any tattoo you will see anywhere. I put every ounce of myself into every tattoo I do and I try to make the individual experience one the client will never forget. Expect random craziness from my fellow artists and plenty of laughs and stories.

Yes and no. I like having them but I’ve gotten so many at such a young age that I’ve come to love giving them more than getting them.

I think more girls like him than me so I can’t hate the guy.

Some sparrows flying down my ribs with clouds and cherry blossoms. Some crack artist did it when I was 18 and didn’t know any better. It’s since been reworked and saved from the wall of shame by Famous Gabe, which is how we met.

A punisher skull logo stencil on my friend Michael Stone’s thigh. We did it grunge style in my buddy’s bedroom when I was 17 and didn’t know any better. Funny story but LESSON LEARNED!

The freedom of expression. Even if it’s just a simple little solid black design I still have to put my touch to it to create it. Every little detail from beginning to end is an expression of myself. I also love making art for a LIVING, not just when I have spare time.

I find questionnaires more monotonous, lol. But no, whenever I begin to feel like that I remind myself that I have the best job in the world and I would be stupid to ever take this blessing for granted.

I play guitar and still write songs from time to time. I also love color pencil art and try to do it often. I also love creative writing and am currently working on a novel, release date TBA.

For me I have several. Famous Gabe Smith has been a huge influence on me since before I started tattooing. Others are Jason Stephan and Jesse Smith, both just amazing at their craft. Scott Irwin is another as well as Earl Funk and Steve Roberts. I could go on for days but these people represent what I consider to be the best influences I could have ever hoped for.

As a tattooer I think it’s great! I think we have only seen the beginning of its potential and I hope that the stigma of neck and hand tattoos, although already fading, disappears altogether soon.

Absolutely! A big part of being a tattooer is fixing other peoples’ mistakes and/or covering old ones up.

At this time I’m pretty available any day. I just joined the shop recently so I’m not super booked up yet.

Usually by size, detail, and body location.

Anything big in full color. I’ve heard people call my work “new school”, so whatever falls into that category, but honestly I love tattooing anything.

Yes! I always feel the client is getting my 100% best when they’ve allowed me to design the tattoo.

Yes as long as the tattoo will look good in the end. If the art is sub-par and will not look good as a tattoo I won’t do it.

Usually the people I work with or looking at the work of artists I really admire.

I’ve been getting tattooed for 9 years now. When I was in college I worked at a tattoo shop to make extra money and it all kinda snowballed from there.

hmmmmm…I did a sleeve recently of crazy flowers and little pods with fetuses growing inside them that are being beamed up into spaceships. There’s the statue of liberty wearing a gas mask in the background and her torch is exploding, send an atomic cloud throughout the arm.

I had a woman pass out and throw up everywhere once. It took about half an hour for her to fully come alive again and she wanted to know if we could still finish!

Nothing sacrilegious or racially offensive.

Be open minded. We are here to give you the best tattoo possible but sometimes that means steering your ideas in a direction you may not have thought of. It’s all for the best.

See you soon!

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