We’re open Tuesday through Friday 2PM to 9PM and Saturday 12PM to 9PM

We sure do. Our Piercing guru is Ed and you can find more about his twisted mind here.

We won’t send you to the back of the class. You’ll find our After Care instructions for tattoo’s here and for piercings here

At Hula Moon we try to transcend expectations and are professionals artists. However, as artists you can become a bit eccentric at times so expect the unexpected. We want people to be comfortable and relaxed. We know that people are going to be nervous and we want you to feel at home. Sometimes when your greeted at the door the questions might seem a bit gruff, but we are just trying to get the root of what you want so we can make sure we get the best possible person for your tattoo. There will be plenty of time to talk in depth about what your looking for once we’ve gotten past the initial questions. We understand the tension, your getting needles stuck into your skin

You see all these people on Jersey Shore and all these teeny boppers with tattoos. If they can do it, anyone can do it.

Education and patience is the way to go. You wouldn’t let a doctor operate on you without knowing a bit about the procedure before hand. We’d suggest going to multiple shops and multiple artists around town until you find someone your comfortable with.

When we’re not booked up you can come in and chat with us. You can also reach us by email or on the shop phone.

Steering. Its against the law but some taxi cab drivers still do it. The idea is that a certain business will pay a taxi cab driver to “steer” these navy kids to their business when they are asked for the best tattoo shop, best club, or best restaurant. The cab drives will get a kick back for “steering” the guys to the business. We don’t participate in the activity and will kick a cab driver out who asks for money. If your not good enough to pull customers in by your own talent or merit you don’t deserve the business.

Usually we can make an old tattoo look better, cover up, or some other fix. We’re somewhat limited in what is possible so we always advise that clients are patient and do their research on shops before hand.

It depends on the project, the artist, and the time of day. Some projects we’re able to squeeze in. Others might require some prep time. Give us a call at 850-470-0454 or stop by the shop and we’ll give you a concrete time frame.

It depends on the artist, the project, how long it will take, and what it will involve. When you come in Ed, the shop manager, will get an average from the artists and get back with you shortly.

Definitely. Direction from the client is important, but we like to have artistic freedom to bring their vision to life.

Of course, whatever makes the customer happy. We can adapt to any type of artwork. However, given the chance we think a customer will be happier with our original artwork.

If you’re coming in for a tattoo have your ducks in a row and have the tattoo thought out. Come in with an idea of what you want. Don’t expect Rome to be built in a day. Smaller projects we can do the same day. Sometimes we need to take time to prepare though. Remember your permanently marking your body so we don’t want to rush it and half ass the job.

Artists have examples of their work in the shop available for you to look at before you make any decisions. We also have Galleries available online for you to look at here.

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