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That is a somewhat involved and multi-faceted answer. Expectations depend on way too many factors. I usually just like to ask questions. I definitely don’t like it when people cannot listen because they have some idea in their head and it HAS to be that way. I will tell you if I will do what you ask or if I simply won’t. I will always suggest the best possible execution for what I believe the client is asking of me, but that really depends on the level at which my client can communicate. That involves listening. I know how to communicate only because of practicing it so much in art and relationship. Everything in tattooing (and every art form) is relative to how well you can communicate. The purpose of tattoos are to communicate something intimate to the viewer. It is more personal than simply telling the story because it has to be immediate. The exposure of something that personal has to be completed in a concise, single design. I have one chance to get it right. My client will never get their naked skin back. What I’m commissioned to do has to be something I can let go of. It’s something that will never be the same from the moment I start to the day that persons body expires. That’s the beauty of it. All of that has to start with the artist/client relationship. I cannot communicate something that you cannot explain to me, and you have to realize you are not paper and I am not an inkjet printer.

Yes and no. Yes, I like the outcome. No, I hate the way it feels.

You mean Hilary Swank? She used to look better when she did movies only.

Three nautical stars as a tramp stamp. Yeah. Still proud of it. Punk rock forever!!!

Some franken-bird-of-paradise. Dude….. Serious. Don’t even ask me what that means. I’m still trying to figure it out.

No way. Kiddin’ me?! Besides… I get two days off. Most of the time.

I like to try everything. I haven’t actually done oil painting or stained glass, which I want to. I like playing music, singing, building things, poetry and dancing. One artistic outlet I don’t particularly like, but don’t necessarily loathe, is liberal arts.

At my parents’ house, random friends’ houses and walking around town sometimes… Unless they’re in secret places. *wink wink*

Only the best… Famous Gabe by observation. I was apprenticed by some psycho-legalistic nutcase that called himself a Christian in Nashville, TN at The-Place-We-Do-Not-Speak-Of… Wow. So glad that’s over. Learning from Gabe is seriously the best decision of my life that I made after I was already tattooing a ton. Like the difference between blossoming and flourishing.

Uhh… Ok. That’s like asking about the most influential person in science. Or more specifically… Physics. You’ve never heard of these people anyway. They don’t like being on TV. They’re way too busy tattooing.

I think it’s bittersweet. They say you get the tattoo you deserve, but I do like the exposure and much wider range of acceptance. Some of the business I get are cover-ups I have to do on top of badly done tattoos or poor choices. On one hand, more money to be made. On the other, I and the person wearing that tattoo are painted into a corner… Literally.

That’s what I’m talking about. It’s all about perspective, consideration and flexibility. We’re talking about what will look good in 10, maybe 20 years… Not just what looks good right now. And also originality. You don’t see the same tattoos on people in a tribe. They have to be specific to who is wearing them. It’s a much more honorable and spiritual experience. Not just some stamp on skin.

Not long, but that depends on whether you come in the shop and/or if you know how to call a land-line that has been in existence since 2001… Or not.

Depends on the size, location, amount of detail, whether it’s a full moon, if Ed is pissed, what color your blood is, if the Patriots win, when the cows come home, what movie just came out, if BP spills oil into the Gulf of Mexico and how many monkeys it takes to screw in a lightbulb on Easter Sunday. I think that covered it…

Since January 13, 2007. I also met my husband the same day. Yep. Pretty ridiculous.

Of course! I draw, for cryin’ out loud!!!

Yes and no. Yes if it’s a specific or particular situation and tattooable. No if it’s some Pinterest bull-hockey.

I would say life, but that sounds silly. How about washing dishes? I’m actually not kidding. Well… That and dreams.

It kinda just got into me. I was getting tattooed through my art school years and then I decided I didn’t want to do commercial art on a computer and took a break from school. Tattooing became an opportunity for a second time in my life and I fell in love with it. I like people and I like THE STORY… The story of everything and anything. Stories make the world go ’round. Getting tattooed is for most people, if not everyone. Being a tattooer is more a lifestyle not compatible with certain personalities and requires quite a bit of integrity.

I don’t know… What’s your top movie of all time?

It means everything. I don’t ever wanna stop.

I will not do racist tattoos and it really depends on the person I am tattooing.

Don’t expect. Questions are better than you assuming you know it all. Because you don’t. I don’t know it all. But what I do know is what I’m good at and I need you to trust me when I say I won’t do what I am not good at.

Communication without compromise.

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